Tip: Using a Knotter Tool

Don't get tied up in knots - use the Beadalon Knotter Tool and get tight, consistent knots every time. Pearls are traditionally strung on silk, with a knot separating each pearl. Knotted pearls don't abrade each other, which can damage their lustrous nacre. And if your knotted strand of pearls should break, you won't be chasing your pearls all over the floor. The Knotter Tool combines the features of a beading awl with a tweezers, so once you get the hang of it, knotting a strand of beads is quick, easy and fun. Use it with silk or poly thread when beading pearls, crystals or other beads, and get professional, elegant results.

Tip: Remember, rough edges can be your strand's downfall, don't forget to ream your beads!

• Step-by-Step Instructions •
1. Make a loop around two fingers with silk thread; drop the end between fingers to make an overhand knot.
2. Insert the awl tip into the loop (pointing away from your hand); remove your fingers and tighten the knot on the awl.
3. Insert the silk into the Knotter's Y-shaped prong; pull down so that the knot tightens further onto the awl.
4. Pull down on the silk with your free hand; using your Knotter hand thumb, push up until the knot slides up and off the awl (the knot should be flush against the last bead). String another bead and repeat the process until your knotted strand is complete.
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