Tip: Using the Beadalon Jump Ring Maker

• Using the Beadalon Jump Ring Maker •

Make the jump rings you need - in the size and wire gauge you desire - with the exclusive Beadalon Jump Ring Maker. With a wide variety of mandrels available - ranging from 4mm to 16mm, round and oval shapes - you can create just the jump ring you need. Try coiling vivid Artistic Wires together to create colored jump rings that add definition and texture to jewelry designs. You can also use gold-filled, sterling silver, or base metal wire to fashion components that complement your designs. The Jump Ring Maker is so fun and easy to use, you may never want to stop creating your own custom jump rings!

• Step-by-Step Instructions •
1. Decide on the desired jump ring size and choose the appropriate mandrel. Screw the mandrel securely into the base.
2. Insert pliable wire such as ColourCraft into the small hole in the base; fold the wire down to secure it.
3. Insert your finger into the large hole in the base and turn it clockwise, while steadily holding the mandrel and wire in the other hand.
4. Once the wire is coiled, remove it from the base and cut it with the Beadalon Flush Cutter.
5. Now you can make the right sized jump rings in the colors and plating you choose - any time you want!

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