Tip: Use a Battery Operated Bead Reamer

• Use a Battery Operated Bead Reamer •

If you want your jewelry to last, it's essential to remove any abrasive edges on your beads - if you're using Bali silver beads, crystal or hematite beads, don't skip this step! Easily enlarge holes in pearls, gemstones, and other beads with the Battery Operated Bead Reamer. This handy tool is also perfect for deburring and rounding out bead holes. Includes two tapered tips. Replacement Tips sold separately. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

• Step-by-Step Instructions •
1. Insert the tip into the rubber sleeve, then into the metal sleeve, and finally into the reamer body.
2. Submerge bead and tip into a small amount of water, firmly hold bead and press the button and watch the reamer work. (This process causes a lot of friction - water cooling is essential.)
3. Continue reaming the bead until the desired smoothness, shape, and size of the bead hole is achieved.

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