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    Anti-Tarnish Tabs 1" x 1" Pack of 50pc

    Our Price:  $9.20

    Ideal for: Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze, Tin, Copper, & Platinum

    Jewelry SHINE RITE 3M Anti-tarnish products protect silver, nickel, copper, bronze, base, tin and gold! Incorporating 3M Tarni-Shield™

    Protect your jewellery, flatware, serving pieces, musical instruments, trophies and other items from unsightly discoloration and tarnish.

    One tab protects for approximately 6 months!
    Easy to use. Place neat polished metal in an enclosed area such as jewellery boxes, storage bags or boxes, china cabinets, silverware chests, musical instrument cases or trophy cases. Store unused tabs in a sealed, airtight bag. Quantity: 50 tabs (will be supplied in a zip lock bag to prolong shelf-life)



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